MPTxpress is scalable from R&D studies to industrial production.

MPT Biotech
Frost & Sullivan 2012 Best Practices Award

MicroProtein Technologies

MicroProtein Technologies Inc. (MPT) is a pioneer in the field of biotechnology, offering CMO services using MPTxpress, a unique solid-state/liquids- and stress-free E. coli. manufacturing platform; and commercializing Protein A and other antibody affinity proteins and resins with greatly improved pH tolerance and ability to be recycled many more times than competing resins. Using our patented MPTxpress technology, we aim to lead the industry in the production of microbially-expressed recombinant proteins, enzymes and plasmid DNA for use in biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics, reagents, veterinary medicine, non-clinical academic and industrial applications.

About the Company

MicroProtein Technologies Inc., was founded by Vinod Pandiripally Ph.D. with the purpose of commercializing novel and cutting-edge methods for the culture of E. coli to produce recombinant biologics (proteins and plasmid DNA).

After years of proprietary research and development, MPT has developed a robust solid media-based E. coli manufacturing platform , MPTxpress, which far surpasses conventional fermentation as a reliable and inexpensive way to produce recombinant proteins. MPTxpress has advantages including higher yields with incredible simplicity and related cost savings, including no need for bioreactors, mixers, etc.; is fully single-use; minimizes up-stream and down-stream processing; and eliminates the need for expensive fixed stainless steel equipment. E. coli is cultured on top of a membrane laid on top of 12-inch square agar plates, with harvesting involving scraping concentrated protein paste off the membrane. Each plate produces >1 gram of protein after incubation overnight at room temperature inå a standard lab. incubator. MPTxpress is scalable to commercial manufacture, e.g., ≥1 kg/day - simply use more trays (mini-bioreactors in parallel)

MicroProtein Technologies has also developed novel, much-improved, potentially revolutionary, affinity purification proteins (Proteins A, G and A/G) and resins. Recombinant Protein A resins possess unmatched ability to withstand high pH, enabling recycling many more times than conventional resins, providing significant cost savings.

MicroProtein Technologies moved to new facilities in Jan. 2014 that providing research and through cGMP commercial manufacturing MPTxpress and other CRO and CMO services. The new facilities also enabled expansion of CMO bioprocessing and affinity resins production.

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